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embossed 316l stainless steel plate and coil products

embossed 316l stainless steel plate and coil products

316L stainless steel plate technical characteristics, in particular since the late 1960s, the world’s stainless steel production to maintain an average annual development price of 4%, stainless steel applications progressively expanded towards the many areas of the national economy.

As a result, the stainless steel heat treatment approach within the production process of stainless steel has been in a essential position. 316 stainless steel, 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo due to the addition of Mo, so its corrosion resistance, resistance to atmospheric erosion and higher temperature strength is especially very good, is often made use of below harsh circumstances; processing hardening exceptional (non-magnetic). Stainless steel has been in a position to have such a fast development, a vital element is its corrosion resistance, heat resistance.

Stainless steel coil heat therapy process on the pros and cons of stainless steel corrosion resistance, heat resistance includes a fantastic effect, but also around the stainless steel processing function plays a decisive function. 316 stainless steel Mechanical properties, tensile strength (Mpa) 620 MIN, yield strength (Mpa) 310 MIN, elongation (%) 30 MIN, location reduction (%) 40 MIN, 316 stainless steel density 8.03 g / cm3, Physique stainless steel normally use this worth.

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